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Registered NDIS Provider
As a Registered NDIS Provider, and a team of caring, qualified, and competent staff, we are able to provide you with as much or little assistance you need as per your short and long-term requirements.
About Us

Ability Allcare

Ability Allcare Services is established with a vision to enhance the lives of participants with disability, and the ageing community and encourage them to live as independently as possible. 

We offer personalised support services in a growing, comfortable environment and are dedicated to be the most sought-after NDIS service provider in Melbourne.

We embrace the fact that every care recipient has individual needs and requirements. Our team of experienced support workers maintains regular communication to understand all your needs, and developmental goals to devise a personalised support plan for you. 

Why Choose Us

Why Ability Allcare Services is your go-to Service Provider

We listen, comprehend, and then support the community 
We offer 24/7 care as per your requirements
We tend to the needs of the disability & ageing community 
We work towards creating a safe environment for the health and wellbeing  
We help develop skills in various capacities and foster independent living 

Our Vision

To enhance the quality of life of all care recipients to satisfy the changing needs within the disability and aging community, by providing excellent care and comfort, based on the best practices to achieve a positive outcome for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer excellent, affordable, caring and stress-free assistance and support to the participants with disability and the ageing community to cater for their independence, well-being and quality of life.

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Our Services

We are committed to growing and building upon our foundations to forge a stronger future for Ability Allcare Services

Participate Community
At Ability Allcare, we ensure that every service we provide is in alignment with your development goals.Read More »
Household Tasks
We offer short and long-term assistance with household tasks to eligible participants as per the requirementsRead More »
Development-Life Skills
As staunch supporters of an autonomous lifestyle, life skills form the most important asset that lets an individual lead an independent life.Read More »
Community Nursing Care
At Ability Allcare Services, we have a team of Registered Nurses who provide quality nursing care in the comfort of your home.Read More »
Respite Care: Daily Tasks/Shared Living
Under this support service, we assist participants in performing their daily tasks effectivelyRead More »
As a registered NDIS provider, our goal is to provide you with NDIS services that enhance your wellbeingRead More »

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for our staff, residents and families, caring is at the heart of our existence.
is the genuine warmth behind our relationships.
we show love for one another as God has loved us.
choosing the best people to deliver the best outcomes, and always challenging  ourselves to improve.
we are sympathetic to the circumstances and viewpoints of others.
we recognise each individual’s worth and dignity.
our guiding principles of trust, honesty, morals, fairness and ethical behaviour.
we calmly accept that change and improvement take time and effort.
Promoting Independent Living with NDIS -- 600

Promoting Independent Living with NDIS Support Services

At Ability All Care, we aim to enhance the lives of our clients by providing them with holistic care and support services. We understand that the needs of all our clients are unique.

And hence, our experts draw up personalised plans to create a comfortable and safe environment to help them achieve their personal and developmental goals.

Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for the NDIS participants and the ageing community and encourage them to live their lives as they want. We aim to become one of the most sought-after registered NDIS providers by providing recipients quality support services.

Benefits of Working With Registered NDIS Providers in Melbourne

Registered NDIS service providers in Melbourne are individuals and organisations registered with the NDIS. NDIS providers must clear the audits and inspections set by the government to get their registrations. Moreover, they must consistently provide top-notch services as prescribed by the NDIS charter.

Ability AllCare is registered with the NDIS. It is one of Melbourne’s leading providers of NDIS support services. Here are some of the perks of working with NDIS-registered providers.

High-Quality Services

We listen to your development goals and develop plans to help you achieve them.

Standardised Pricing

All our prices are aligned with the guidelines laid down by the NDIS. The pricing structure is all-inclusive of all loadings and components.

Plan Management Services

As NDIS-registered providers, we are eligible to provide our recipients with excellent plan management services. It allows us to serve them better and ensure their NDIS funds are utilised most efficiently for maximum benefits.

Our Goals

At Ability All Care, we are staunch supporters of the right to an autonomous and independent life. We are committed to providing excellent care and support to our clients to ensure they can lead their lives and achieve their goals.

We focus on understanding the changing needs of our care recipients, and our NDIS providers in Melbourne provide them with impeccable care. All our services are in alignment with the best practices outlined by the standards and guidelines of the NDIS charter. We help our clients define and achieve their goals enabling them to lead more fulfilling and independent lives with minimal barriers.

Make the Best Out of Your NDIS Funding

Your NDIS plan is a written agreement unique to you and based on your personal requirements & the type of assistance you need. It is often managed by the NDIA. Or you can also opt to self-manage it or hire a plan manager whose sole job is to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your plans.

At Ability All Care, we are a customer-focused NDIS service provider in Melbourne with extensive experience delivering exceptional NDIS support services to our clients. We believe in providing our clients with highly personalised care to make the most of their lives. As a part of our commitment to providing our clients with the best care, we also offer plan management services that allow them to make the most out of their NDIS funds while ensuring they get to lead an autonomous life with minimal barriers.

Here’s how we can help you get started on your NDIS plan:

Step 1: Our plan manager will ask you about your current circumstances, disability, the support you need & your goals.

Step 2: Based on this information & the funds you’ll receive, we’ll formulate a plan for you.

Step 3: Your plan manager will regularly review & reassess your progress to update your plan according to your changing needs.

Reliable NDIS-Registered Providers in Melbourne

At Ability AllCare, we are committed to providing all our clients with personalised support services to enhance the lives of participants with disabilities and the ageing community and help them lead more independent lives. We understand that the needs of every recipient are different. And our team of experienced NDIS providers in Melbourne maintain consistent communication with you to ensure that we can devise personalised support plans that cover your needs and development goals.


The pricing of our support services are in alignment with the NDIS price guide, and the guidelines laid down by them. It is inclusive of all components, including loadings as decided by NDIS and it keeps on updating from time to time.

You can access the copies of NDIS price guides at:


Please ensure to have a thorough read of the same, and continue to access it regularly to stay in the know of the changes, if any.
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