Development-Life Skills

As staunch supporters of an autonomous lifestyle, life skills form the most important asset that lets an individual lead an independent life. We help our care recipients to realise their potential and take a step further towards meeting their life goals.

Our team of support workers work closely with the participants to understand their developmental goals, to further help them incorporate the necessary skills in their lives.

We offer these sessions individually or in a group setting, depending on what suits you- the participants, the best.

These life skills include but are not limited to the following

  • Budgeting and planning the finances
  • Preparing for a new employment
  • Catering to own household tasks
  • Nutritional meal preparation
  • Incorporating effective communication skills
  • Behavioural management and support
  • Training to use public transport safely
  • Being on top of your own healthcare
  • Managing tasks and time effectively
  • Learning any particular skills 

Therefore, if you have willingness to grow and passion to meet your goals effectively, we have you covered with every assistance you would need to achieve a positive outcome.

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