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Respite Care: Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Under this support service, we assist participants in performing their daily tasks effectively- in a shared living environment. We have trained support workers on board who provide hands-on assistance with an emphasis and goal to help you live as independently as possible. Whether you would like an ongoing service, or a short-term supervision, we would be happy to help. This support service is provided in a shared living arrangement to empower our care recipients to accomplish their daily tasks with efficiency, and without any hassle.

We provide assistance with the following daily tasks but are not limited to-

  • Assisting you with managing your expenses, bills, etc
  • Assisting you with budgeting if required
  • Supervising and helping you with regular domestic chores
  • Helping you manage the medications
  • Assisting you with shopping, attending to appointments, etc
  • Supervising you with completing paperwork

This support service lets you acknowledge the fact that you are able to perform your daily tasks safely and efficiently, along with preparing you for the future so you are able to live your life in an independent manner.

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