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Assist-Personal Activities

We provide assistance with personal activities to eligible NDIS Participants. Ability Allcare Services takes pride in supervising, undertaking, and assisting you with-

  • Personal hygiene tasks including showering, bathing, dressing, and grooming, etc.
  • Household tasks like house cleaning, meal preparation and delivery, gardening, linen and laundry, etc
  • Using mobility aids, and other appliances
  • Taking care of day-to-day essentials at home
  • Translating your prescriptions, medical bills, etc

Our support workers are fully-trained and experienced to work in a range of environments so rest assured, you would be provided with a seamless service.

Whether you are living with family, alone, are away for a holiday, or are taking part in various activities including educational, employment, or recreational, we can assist, supervise and undertake the personal activities for you.

We are your go-to registered NDIS provider offering a variety of NDIS service to make you feel more fulfilled in life, and allow you to live as independently as possible.

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