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SDA Accommodation, SIL and ILO

SDA: Specialist Disability Accommodation is funded housing for participants who have severe dysfunctionality and impairment, having high support and assistance needs. Participants may require overnight support from their SDA provider through payments approved in their NDIS plan. Not more than 6 per cent of participants require such intensity support. The plan is accommodated in a custom manner as per the location, support needed and level of accessibility.

SIL: Supported Independent Living offers the support that participants need for everyday activities for leading a smooth life. This support is not very high intensity and helps the participants carry out their routine in a truly effective and supported manner. The assistance includes personal care, help with commuting and coordinating housework, meeting medical requirements and appointments, cooking, cleaning and actively participating in the community activities.

ILO: Independent Living Options can include the participant wanting to live with hosts, co-residents, sharing NDIS participants, circle of support, supporting families or friend, and/or supportive neighbours. It gives people with disability increased options to choose where, how and with whose support they want to live. It includes host arrangements and private houses, most participants with SDA funding have ILO in their NDIS plan.

ILO is different in the sense it promotes independent living by offering holistic support from peer group and family to help a person with a disability live happily in the community. It also includes shared rent or home with a staff member available with them for help. Various combinations of plans offer you the flexibility and freedom of choice you need for growth-oriented support.

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