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About Us

Ability Allcare Services is established with a vision to enhance the lives of participants with disability, and the ageing community and encourage them to live as independently as possible.

We offer personalised support services in a growing, comfortable environment and are dedicated to be the most sought-after NDIS service provider in Melbourne.

We embrace the fact that every care recipient has individual needs and requirements. Our team of experienced support workers maintains regular communication to understand all your needs, and developmental goals to devise a personalised support plan for you.

As a Registered NDIS Provider, and a team of caring, qualified, and competent staff, we are able to provide you with as much or little assistance you need as per your short and long-term requirements.

We are committed to growing and building upon our foundations to forge a stronger future for Ability Allcare Services. Our team is committed to work towards developing the ability to be agile and respond to opportunities to meet the growing demand for NDIS and aged care services.

As a responsible part of our ever-growing community, we are always there for our people when they need us and as we focus on continuing to develop our innovative service models, we are committed to creating meaningful communities where independent-living, privacy, and self-esteem is proudly favoured.

Ability Allcare is known for building capacities in participants whilst taking their NDIS plan and development goals in account, to make sure that they continue to have quality of life and feel secure as they would in their own home; along with effectively catering to the ageing community.
We are always on our toes to provide round the clock support and assistance, so you can continue to live a comfortable life in a homely environment and focus on your personal growth.

Why Choose Us

Why Ability All Care Services is your go-to Service Provider

We listen, comprehend, and then support the community 
We offer 24/7 care as per your requirements
We tend to the needs of the disability & ageing community
We work towards creating a safe environment for the health and wellbeing
We help develop skills in various capacities and foster independent living 

At Ability All Care

We have the provision of providing 24/7 holistic quality care which meets the immediate and long-term needs of care recipients.

  • We provide a comfortable environment in which residents feel safe and secure, as they would in their own home.
  • We focus on maintaining the quality of life of care recipients, their self-esteem and respect their privacy.
  • We employ only ethical, qualified and competent staff.
  • We value leadership, professionalism and accountability.
  • We communicate with all stakeholders in an honest, transparent and timely manner.
  • Our staff are provided with up to date education to incorporate the best practices whilst delivering support services
  • We value knowledge and commitment in our staff and seek to develop these qualities further.
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