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At Ability Allcare, we ensure that every service we provide is in alignment with your development goals. Community participation is essential for overall growth, and it certainly enhances lifestyle. Our support workers assist participants to participate in the community in a safe manner.

The foundation of this support service is laid on the fact that community engagement is self-empowering, and helps build deeper relationships within the community. Eligible NDIS participants always have a helping hand from Ability Allcare, to help them develop meaningful relationships, and participate in a growing community that not only makes them happy but also allows them to meet their NDIS goals.

We understand the role of community participation in capacity building, and therefore, support those who are willing to enhance their skills, become socially active, and grow as an individual.

Our experienced team of support workers is always happy to assist you, be it in a community setting or in a centre. Whilst embracing the importance of a safe environment, we encourage participants to get involved in community, social, and recreational activities as per their NDIS plan and goals.

We support you with everything including but not limited to visiting a community library, going on a holiday, seeing a movie, joining a personal development group/course, or going to any other events.

Feel free to speak to one of our friendly support workers to know more about how we can assist you under this support service and help you achieve your goals as per your set NDIS plan.
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